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Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game, or SMG is a small flash game which is used for one reason - prank on your friends and have fun. If I tell you know the whole idea of the game, it would be not very interesting to play it by yourself.

Our Collection

This website is dedicated to the scary maze games. Here you can find all the most popular maze games available on the internet, as well as the games developed by us.


The Maze Game


is the original version of the Scary Maze game which was created long time ago and gained great popularity. This game don’t need any review because I think that everyone…


Maze 2


Maze 2 is a new funny game to prank on your friends.  The mission is the same, not to hit walls and reach finish.  Hope you will enjoy it, looking…


Scariest Maze 2


Scariest Maze 2 is the new version of the popular game. In fact, in this game the maze is much harder than in the previous one. You will have to…


Scary Maze Game 8

Scary maze game 8- level 1

Scary Maze game 8 is the last version of the popular game, developed by our website. We didn’t change the idea of the game as well as the mission, we…


New Year Maze

New Year Maze

New Year Maze or Scary New Year Game as it is called by me, was developed by ScaryMazeGameFULL.com in December 2012. We tried to create an interesting and funny maze…


Scary Maze Game 2


Scary Maze Game 2 aka Maze Challenge game is another very popular flash game. The SMG2, like other versions of the game has a very simple plot- you have to…


Scary Maze


Scary Maze is a simple maze game where you have to reach the END button without hitting walls. The graphics of the game is very funny, you won’t regret playing…


Scary Maze Game 7


Scary Maze Game 7 is one of the last versions of the popular prank games.  I think that no description is needed for this game, and if someone don’t know…


Scary Maze Game 6


Scary Maze Game 6 (SMG6) is the fresh flash game developed by the fans of the scary games. The game has one mission- to help you prank on your friends….


Scary Exorcist Game

Scary Exorcist Game

In fact Scary Exorcist Game is a “find the differences” flash game where you should find 4 differences between the 2 pictures. Simply click the differences and gain best scores. …


Scary Maze Game 5


Scary Maze Game 5 is the latest version of the game.  Like previous versions of Scary maze game here your mission is to reach the END point. Avoid hitting walls…



New Scary Maze Game

New SMG or New Scary Maze Game is the flash game developed by the administration of this website. It is ordinary maze game with simple mission- reach the target, here…

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About the Scary Maze Game

There are a lot of different scary maze games available on the internet today, and most of the are very popular. Are you interested why these games become so popular, why people share this games on facebook, send link to their friends asking to play the game? The answer is simple - there is surprise in each game, but no one knows were it will pop out. In fact, Scary Maze Game(SMG) is the best way to prank on your friends, all you have to do is to send the link to the game.

How To Play Scary Maze Game?

Scary Maze Game is now a puzzle game or an action game. It is kinda game where the most useful skill is concentration. I am sure, that if you play the SMG , you will share the game with your friends and ask them to play it too. To play the game, mouse is all you will need. Move the small object to the END point, yeah, it sounds rather easy, but try praying the game and you will realize that it is very difficult. All versions of Scary Maze Game can be played at ScaryMazeGameFull3.com

How Many Levels are there in SMG ?

That's secret, I won't tell you because it would be not interesting for you to play the game. There are not many levels in the game so won't take long to finish the game.

Can I download and use your games?

Sure, you can. All you have to do is to add a link saying that the official developer is http://scarymazegamefull.com